Kicking off the first in the “Under The Covers” series for Sleevenote, Tom Vek speaks with Kevin Foakes, AKA DJ Food, whose Openmind graphic design practice has been responsible for album artwork for Ninja Tune, Warp, De:tuned, Sony, Universal to name just a few.

Tom Vek: Hi Kevin, total pleasure to be speaking with you. I remember very vividly first seeing the “Openmind” logo on Amon Tobin’s mind-blowing Supermodified album, and then subsequently on other Ninja Tune releases. What is “Openmind”?

Kevin Foakes: Hi Tom, pleased to be first in the door so to speak. Openmind started as a collective…

You remember what it was like, that great feeling of flipping through releases in a record store, looking at the artwork, flipping it over to check out the tracks, see what the record label is, maybe see a picture of the artist. Will you give it a spin? Or even buy it just from the artwork?!

We’ve been working hard. The Sleevenote web experience is here.


The album artwork format for digital music.

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