• Heikki Piipponen

    Heikki Piipponen

    Father and husband. Using Twitter for following #data #api #iot #cloud & stuff http://dataalbum.github.io.

  • James Emslie

    James Emslie

    Stream unlimited music directly into venues so you and your customers can choose the Next Song On

  • Sophia Boyd

    Sophia Boyd

    @GA_London UXD Graduate. Former cognitive neuroscientist. Lover of brains and those who aren't afraid to use them.

  • Sam Jennings

    Sam Jennings

    Creative Designer & Pop Culture Enthusiast

  • Jen White-Johnson

    Jen White-Johnson

    Disabled Afro-Latina, Neurodiverse Mama, (ADHD+Thyroid Disorder) Artist, Designer, Educator collective liberation. She/Her/Ella jenwhitejohnson.com

  • Lee Hammond

    Lee Hammond

    Universal Music Group

  • RetroFuzz


    A digital agency creating user experiences that connect with consumers. Increasing engagement, improving conversion, inspiring growth.

  • Thom Lambert

    Thom Lambert

    Art & Design + Music.

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