Go digital crate digging with Sleevenote

You remember what it was like, that great feeling of flipping through releases in a record store, looking at the artwork, flipping it over to check out the tracks, see what the record label is, maybe see a picture of the artist. Will you give it a spin? Or even buy it just from the artwork?!

We’ve been working hard. The Sleevenote web experience is here.

Babe “Velory Flighty” and Mera Bhai “Futureproofing” on Moshi Moshi Records

For several years we’ve been adding artwork for users of our original app version of Sleevenote. A lot of it comes from online and a decent amount we’ve asked record labels for. The thing is, as an app it was all stuck behind a system that required a listener to have added an album to see artwork. For the last year, we’ve been working on building out the Sleevenote offering. As well as attempting to launch a hardware product (we’ll come back to that), we’ve built a full design tool for labels to upload art; Spotify and Apple Music support; full booklet support, all in a beautiful responsive UI design that gives a full-screen album art experience for digital music.

Sleevenote supports full album art! Credit “We Will Always Love You” by The Avalanches, artwork by Jonathan Zawada

With the web player, we have built a place where you can browse everything added so far (artwork is still owned by labels and provided to encourage you to listen to the album, more streams baby!). It’s a small selection in the great scheme of things but we gotta start somewhere, and there are some great albums in there, believe me..

Check it out - The Sleevenote Artwork Player

supports Apple Music and Spotify* (*on desktop for the time being)

Provokief and Gadè are both artists that have uploaded their full album art using the Sleevenote Design Tool

We’re busy getting in touch with labels and artists so that more official artwork is added and shared with music fans. If you are a label or artist that would like to add artwork for your releases, head over to the Design Tool, and we also have some FAQs to check out, for anything else get in touch.

It’s an ambitious platform to build, and people looove telling us it can’t be done, but if you love album art, please spread the word and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

We have some more exciting blog updates coming soon, give us a follow.

Tom & Chris




The album artwork format for digital music. http://sleevenote.com

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The album artwork format for digital music. http://sleevenote.com

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